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Canadian Christian Counsellors offers primary and secondary accreditation for Christian Counsellors and Christian Healthcare Providers, in Canada, that operate in ministry, as a job, or as a business in private practice.  Our accreditation is professional accountability for members, overseeing their business practices, assisting professionally with conflicts requiring mediation, and offering regular and ongoing training workshops and educational opportunities.

The CCC is a network of professional support that ensures that those working as Christian Counsellors and related areas are under accountability, continually being trained and staying professionally fresh, and within a network that considers itself a team of supporters for each member.


The CCC ethical standards and Christian Values for Business/Service/Ministry provide the ethics and values that guide CCC as an organization, and all members of CCC (required for membership).  These ethics reflect professionalism, respect, and Christian values of kindness, care, reliability, kindness, grace, integrity, competence, understanding and responsibility.


Do you have a question or comment regarding one of our members, or about becoming an accredited member, yourself?  Email us at and one of our operators will respond quickly.